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Marketing to the masses  

Our system takes advertising to the next level, harnessing the ability to push your brand to millions of people in seconds. Prepare for exponential growth.


Numbers on the Board

We let our track record do the talking



over fifteen million instagram Followers Gained



Over one billion impressions on advertisements promoted by SQRD SOCIAL



an outreach network of over 750 instagram Influencers



The world is in the midst of a fundamental shift in how media is consumed. The rise of this social world demands a whole new set of skills to efficiently & effectively reach consumers. The SQRD Social team wields unparalleled knowledge of mass media platforms, years of experience and a high-profile influencer community to push our clients toward monumental marketing heights.



SQRD Social was built on our founders’ unparalleled ability to grow instagram accounts from zero to millions of genuine followers over an inconceivable amount of time. While growing Instagram accounts is one of the many tools we use to accelerate our clients growth, our use of the fastest trending social media platform to market our client’s content stretches much further. The rapid growth of influencer marketing is evident and SQRD has assembled all of the resources to take full advantage of it.

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Facebook’s complicated ad manager system & user database can be overwhelming for companies pursuing cost-effective social marketing.  SQRD Social possesses top-level competence & experience leveraging Facebook’s unmatched data collection. SQRD helps companies attain market-low cost-per-result rates while reaching optimal hyper-targeted audiences in a matter of days.



Content is king in the realm of today’s marketing and advertising. The best content receives the best results. SQRD Social not only knows what consumers want to see, but also offers industry leading content creation packages. From video pieces appearing on the some of pop culture’s most popular media consumption channels, all the way to content used to promote some of the world’s most established companies, our content creation team has produced a myriad of media tailored for growth.


 Drew & Nick

we co-founded SQRD SOCIAL (FKA: SWAY MEDIA) in 2016 after numerous companies & media Houses Began rapidly buying ADVERTISEMENT space within the Instagram accounts that we were growing as a hobby. our accounts have since amassed a following of over 15 million active instagram users; We Leverage this following, our hyper-Targeted Facebook Advertisement model, & our community of hundreds of instagram influencers to create revenue, increase downloads and catalyze follower Growth for our clients. we've scaled OUR COMPANY to control social promotions for various COMPANIES & Verticals, producing hundreds of thousounds of E-commerce dollars, App downloads, & instagram account sale dollars for our clients. 



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